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ApeTroop (TROOP)
We're on a moon mission to help save humanity through blockchain-based charity donations generated from every trade of $TROOP. MISSION: Hit the Moon & Help save Humanity. When you HODL $TROOP you choose the charities we support while you earn passively with our reflective staking mechanism. We have also implemented Auto LP + Auto Burn + Charity/Marketing wallet. ROCKET FUEL: How we will hit the moon! Ape Troop governance portal Charity donations that $TROOP holders vote on. NFT's + NFT Farming Marketing Smart contract audits by RD Auditors (Pre-Audit Complete ( )) Plus more catalysts to make you #APE TAXES YOU'LL LIKE: 10% tax on each Buy/Sell transaction split in the following way; 4% Goes to the autogenerating liquidity pool, which creates a rising floor price. 3% of each transaction is split amongst all $TROOP holders in the form of static staking. So just HODL $TROOP and earn more automagically! 2% goes into a Charity/marketing wallet, this ensures we can pay for marketing and donate to charities fulfilling our main purpose to help humanity. 1% will be burned to a DEAD wallet creating a deflationary supply. SOCIALS Website: Telegram Group: Telegram Ann: Twitter: Medium: Dextools: BUY LINK
Proto.Gold Fuel - PROTO
Website: Proto.Gold is a deflationary, charitable savings and rewards protocol. The three synergistic tokens and unique DAO governance ensure both community involvement and security. A central premise of our ecosystem is to provide support for charitable institutions throughout the world and help those less fortunate. Our motto is "By the People, For the People." In support of our community, our custom-made codebase is thoroughly tested. It addresses all of the typical risks associated with current exploits. Further enhancing Proto. Gold's security, the non-circulating supply, is subject to a hard-coded lockup. Industry-wide, we aim to enhance the security of the decentralized crypto space with our unique DEX and the ongoing research and development of future protocol enhancements. Enhancements are perpetually funded through our protocol. Each PROTO transaction results in a 10% contribution which fuels the PROTO ecosystem as follows: 2.5% for instant PROTO rewards 1.0% for charity 1.5% for the liquidity pool 1.25% quarterly rewards, our bonus airdrop of DORE! 1% token burn 🔥 1% for development 1% for marketing 0.75% backs our DAO Pancakeswap: Coingecko will soon update the circulating supply information: PROTO proxy contract: Bscscan is right now fetching the data from the implementation contract instead of the proxy, and therefore not displaying the correct data on holders, transactions, etc. It should be displayed correctly this week. Dashboard Dapp: Twitter: Telegram (English): Telegram Announcement Channel: Medium: Reddit: Instagram: TikTok:
Mommy Doge Coin
Mommy Doge Coin ($MommyDoge) is going to be the most viral crypto project of its kind. $MommyDoge is fully decentralized, hyper deflationary, environmentally friendly and supports the women's rights and gender equality movement. She comes with super cool meme NFT trading cards on launch day that are already listed on and is on a mission to moon! Mommy Doge has studied Doge and all his copycats for a while and has learned a few tricks and lessons from the meme father. We are proud to say that Mommy Doge is a hyper evolution of Doge: 🚀 Fair launch: 3rd of July at 12 pm PDT / 7 pm UTC / 9 pm CEST 🦄 Super cool NFT Trading Card Games with unicorn potential listed on on launch ( ) 🔐 LP, charity and marketing wallets locked at launch 🔰 Ownership renounced ☂️ Massive airdrop promoted by +500k mega TG influencer ⭐ Trending on all major coin promotion platforms 💎 Great roadmap with merchandise store, community voting, NFTs marketplace and Mommy Dog LaunchPad all under development 👥 Pro webpage, great whitepaper and a viral community ✅ Token Name: Mommy Doge Coin white_check_mark Token Symbol: $MommyDoge ✅ Address: ✅ Buy: ✅ Chart: ✅ Slippage: 12 % to 15 % ✅ 5 % redistributed to holders and 5 % to liquidity every transaction 🚀 Website: 🚀 Twitter: 🚀 Telegram: 🚀 Reddit:
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