Name: CRowdCLassic

Ticker: CRCL

Address Letter: C

Address Header: 28

P2SH Header: 88

Port: 12875

RPC Port: 11998

Algorithm: Neoscrypt

Current Supply: ~6,100,000

Max. Supply: 10,900,000

Block Time: 120 seconds

Spend: 6 confirmations

Block: 100 confirmations

Block Reward: 10 CRCL, halving every 262800 blocks (every year) - next is coming around 26 Dec

Reward distribution: 50% POW, 50% Masternode

Masternode Collateral: 1000 CRCL

ICO: None

Premine: 100,000 coins left in the developer's address from before the swap*

*They are inaccessible to us. There's unknown to date amount of coins collected during the swap