⁃ 1 Trillion Total Supply
⁃ Deflationary
⁃ 12% Tax Round Trip
These Tokenomics mean less barrier to entry than our current V1 contract with 20% tax. Reducing the tax amount significantly will attract more investors, whilst keeping enough tax to fund the development of FlokiPup. Also making the token deflationary instead of inflationary.
2% Total Buy tax
(2% Redistribution to all holders)- Paid in FLOKIPUP - This will reward all hodlers, every time a buy transaction goes through 2% of that will be redistributed fairly to all holders - Earn FLOKIPUP tokens just but holding it in your wallet
10% Total Sell Tax -
(2% - Manual Buyback/Burn) - 2% of every sell transactionwill be sent to a separate wallet in Ethereum - this will be used for daily buybacks/burns to make the token deflationary whilst also pumping the price of FlokiPup at random times throughout each day.
(2% - Team Tax) - This will be used for the payroll of all our team members including the core dev team, marketing team, PR team and community support team. We plan on hiring more professionals to help with the development of the FlokiPup very soon.
(3% - Marketing Tax) - This will be used daily for our strategic marketing plan made by our professional marketing manager, he’ll be putting this tax to very good use.
(3% - Development Tax) - The development tax will be used for the development of the FlokiPup Metaverse game, FlokiPup DEX and future utility’s we introduce.