METAGALAXY ONE's mission into interstellar space accidentally discovers an alien artifact, belonging to an ancient race called The Elders, containing charts of stars unreachable for the humans before. What they discover forever changed humanity. thousands of Warp lanes connecting worlds unknown, thousands of lightyears suddenly within reach, worlds unseen, brimming with life and riches. With this new knowledge, humans begin to set out across the stars...
METAGALAXY is a new vision to create an open world METAVERSE. Enter this world as a person you choose to be. be it a Trader, Miner, Rogue Brigands, hon-ourable Station keeper, Pirate, Corporate Officials, anyone can be anything.
The advent of Blockchain technology has enabled previously unseen possibilities. Tokenized properties and assets mean an unprecedented realism in in-game economies of player controlled Metaverse.
METAGALAXY will be a trust less metaverse. Players can own ships, planets, moons, asteroids, mine resources, trade for the goods they need to build. be a lone wolf or band together and form corporations and other organizations. set their own dues, taxes, and duties to enable acquiring organizational assets of even Larg-er Ships, manufacturing facilities, fearsome Dreadnoughts and Carriers, or even ally or make war with other factions.
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