🌵 Welcome to TequilaParty!
✅ Doxxed Dev
✅ Real Tequila (Dev has extensive contacts in this area) in the works whose sales will funnel directly into the coin to give constant buying pressure. This will be a first in the crypto space and will be HUGE and send us flying past Andromeda
✅The aim is for long term sustainable growth. This is NOT a pump and dump!
I’d recommend joining the TG and get speaking to the team and the community and asking any questions you may have. They are always happy to help.
Once this Tequila hits the shelves this will explode. It really will be a buy now or cry later situation.
🌵 $Tequila on the moon!
Buy on Pancakeswap:
Contract: 0xf459693e9f45f432eCB48afE1bD0cCaA4ad82959